Trinity Terpenes is Designing Cannabis

About Trinity Terpenes

Trinity Terpenes science-driven formulation technology has become the world's premier provider of Cannabis Derived Terpenes


Proven Leader - Our terpenes have produced accolades on the international scene through our exclusive collaboration with GenX.  In 2016 we became the leading THC distillate vaporized pen in Southern California and received First Place for Vape Pen at The Karma Cup in Canada.


Proven Technology - Our terpenes are produced utilizing proprietary fractional distillation and purification technologies.  Fractionation of the oils of cannabis allow control and consistency in product as we recreate known strain flavor/aroma and effectiveness profiles.  Our team collectively brings over 30 years experience in Cannabis extraction experience.  


Science Driven - Core to our technology is the understanding of biochemistry at the genomic level.  Reading the genetic code of strains utilized in our products allows insight into the driving forces behind the entourage effect.  Our team collectively brings over 40 years experience in genomic biotechnology experience working with some of the most well known figures in genomics today.


Transparency - Trinity Terpenes believes that transparency is key to a quality product; peace of mind is our primary objective.  Our products are created using industry best practices and every batch is third party tested.  Our terpene standards are 0% THC, 0% Pesticides and Microbial Contaminants and Solvents below Accepted Industry Standards (Colorado and Washington State Regulations).