Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Vape Ready Technology?

Vape Ready Technology is a proven brand trusted for performance in a highly competitive market.  Our patent-pending formulations are science-driven and batch tested for purity and provide increased bioavailability of your active compounds.  After years of product sales worldwide, Trinity Terpenes developed Vape Ready Technology in response to thousands of customers who have come to trust our products for consistency and proven results.  Learn more about our technology.  


What is Bioavailability?

In pharmaceutical technologies products are formulated with other compounds to increase the absorption of the active components within the body.  In Cannabis the active compounds, like the cannabinoids THC and CBD or terpenes like pinene, are not readily absorbed into the bloodstream.  Vape Ready enhances your vape experience by increasing the bioavailability of these actives so more compounds are retained in your bloodstream and reach the receptors responsible for their activity.  


Does Vape Ready contain Cannabis derived products?

No.  Vape Ready Technology products are designed to enhance your cannabinoid extracts.  They do not contain extracts of Cannabis.  Instead they are formulations prepared to work specifically with Cannabis extracts.


Are your products compliant for regulated regions?

Yes.  All Vape Ready products are third party tested to pass California regulatory compliance for residual solvents and contaminants.  Each batch analyzed COA is available on our website and can be visualized by scanning the QR code on your product.


Why is Vape Ready different from any other MCT product?

Vape Ready Technology is a proven, patent-pending formulation developed specifically for inhalation to enhance the bioavailability and modulate the effects of cannabinoids.  Trinity Terpenes utilizes fractional distillation and purification technologies to produce chemistries proven to enhance the absorption of active compounds of Cannabis.  Like different octanes of gasoline, specific formulations of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) have different chemicals properties like boiling point and viscosity.  As well, these different formulations interact with the human body in different ways.  By using Vape Ready Technology you are choosing a formulation developed specifically for Cannabis extracts prepared for inhalation in the body with the capabilities to increase the amount of active compounds that enter the bloodstream.