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About Vape ready

Trinity Terpenes' science-driven Vape Ready Technology has become the world's trusted leader in vape


Proven Patent-Pending Technology - Vape Ready Technology is produced utilizing proprietary fractional distillation and purification technologies. Fractionation of the oils allow control and consistency in product as we recreate known strain flavor/aroma and effectiveness profiles.  


Science Driven - Core to our technology is the understanding of formulations and their interaction in the human body.  Our products enhance extracts to be more effective medicine.  


Proven Leader - Vape Ready Technology has produced accolades on the international scene.  Launched in 2016, we quickly became the leading terpene formulation technology and have received awards around the world.


Transparency - Trinity Terpenes believes that transparency is key to a quality product; peace of mind is our primary objective.  Our products are created using industry best practices and are batch analyzed to pass California regulatory standards for contaminants and residual solvents. 


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