Vape Ready Zero

Vape Ready Zero


Vape Ready Zero is a patent-pending formulation developed for premium distillate and isolate products.

Vape Ready Zero is our patent-pending formulation provided as a mixing agent for your THC or CBD vapes.  Our terpene and flavored Vape Ready products allow a simple, drop in solution to processors looking to add terpene effects or natural flavors to their distillate or isolates.  However we have had many customers requesting our Vape Ready Zero formulation to add as a mixing agent to their brand terpenes or flavors.

Vape Ready Zero provides all the benefits of bioavailability and reduced harshness of terpenes that our Vape Ready products are known for without added terpenes or flavorings.  As a cost competitive option to premium mixing agents, VRT Zero is available in 25mL, 250mL and 1L volumes.

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