Trinity Terpenes is Designing Cannabis

With our world class extraction technologies and collaborations we have set the standards for quality, consistency and affordability for the most flavorful and effective cannabis terpenes on the market.

Cannabis essential oils are the essence of the plant; the flavor and aroma profiles of every well known strain are created by the biochemicals secreted in the trichomes of Cannabis along with cannabinoids like THC and CBD.  Terpenes are a large chemical component of the essential oil of Cannabis and have become a buzzword in the industry.  However, there are many other classes of biochemicals in essential oils, many unknown, that can provide flavor, aroma and biological effects.  Although much is known about terpenes and their medical or recreational uses, even more is unknown about the chemical synergies that produce the entourage effect.

Our Terpenes are Unique - Why?

Affordable - Our terpene formulations are the most affordable cannabis derived extracts on the market due in large part to our proprietary extraction processes and sourcing.

California Sourced - Our terpene formulations are sourced from the most advanced Cannabis economy in the world allowing access to strains envied around the globe.

Consistent - Our proprietary process recreates strains utilizing enriched cannabis extracts that are analyzed for known terpene profiles.  This level of control creates a consistent product every batch.

Effective - With several thousand consumers so far, feedback is consistent that our products provide effective and synergistic medicinal and recreational effects when combined with CBD or THC.

Flavorful - Many of our enriched profiles contain flavor and aroma compounds lost in traditional extraction methodologies.  The resulting products are some of the most flavorful terpene formulations available.

Pure - Third party tests assure the customer that every product is made with quality sourced and produced ingredients.  Our extraction processes are followed by multiple purification techniques that remove remaining toxins or contaminants.


Terpenes and the Entourage Effect

Terpenes are natural chemicals found in every plant on Earth.  Plants evolved unique chemical profiles for protection and humans evolved to use plants, and their Terpenes, for therapy and enjoyment.  

Cannabis contains over 200 known Terpenes.  These Terpenes act synergistically with the cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, to create the therapeutic and enjoyable effects we love.  

This Synergy is referred to as the Entourage Effect  

Think of it as a Rock Band - THC is the Guitar.  You can listen to the guitar, but a true Rock Band needs more...  CBD - the Bass, Myrcene the Drummer, Limonene the vocals and Unknown Chemical working the soundboard - they all come together to make some awesome music!!

Trinity Terpenes understands the science and creates truly synergistic products that are enjoyable and therapeutic