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Vape Ready Technology combines premium natural flavors and terpene effect profiles with patent-pending enhanced formulations to improve the performance and taste of your Vapes.

Vape Ready mixes readily with distillates and isolates creating stable formulations that do not separate delivering science driven flavor and effect profiles to create award winning vapes.


More than just a mixing agent - Vape Ready products combine natural plant based oils with quality flavors and terpenes to deliver enhanced benefits.    


Increased Bioavailability - Vape Ready formulations increase the absorption of active compounds in the bloodstream.  This means more active compounds reach the receptors as well more terpenes enter the bloodstream for an optimum Entourage Effect.


Reduced Astringency - Vape Ready formulations create a smoother vape experience by reducing the harshness of terpenes.


Modulated Effects - Vape Ready botanical terpene profiles are created to deliver true entourage experiences that mimic well known strains.  


Effective - Food Grade - Natural - Science Driven Technology